Quotes by: Ted Sarandos

Ted Sarandos
Born Theodore Anthony Sarandos Jr.
(1964-07-30) July 30, 1964 (age 52)
Phoenix, Arizona U.S.
Residence Los Angeles, California U.S.
Nationality American
Education Glendale Community College
Arizona State University
Occupation Businessman
Employer Netflix
Title Chief Content Officer
Political party Democrat
Spouse(s) Michelle Sarandos (div.)
Nicole Avant (2009-present)
Children 2
Parent(s) Theodore Sarandos, Sr.
Relatives Clarence Avant (father-in-law)

Netflix is distributed in 50 countries around the world. It's an incredibly affordable, well-distributed product that gives anyone with access to the Internet and a screen access to content in a very affordable way.
Ted Sarandos
We expect 'Narcos' will be an enormous success throughout everywhere in the world and maybe out-index in Latin America, given the Brazilian star and Brazilian director and heavy Latin American cast and that we shot the show entirely on location in Colombia.
Ted Sarandos
The major international appeal for 'House of Cards' was kind of a surprise because it's a very American show. What we learned is that American politics is very American, but greed and corruption and all of that is very global.
Ted Sarandos
I really loved the 'Sopranos' but didn't have HBO. So someone would send me tapes of the show with three or four episodes. I would watch one episode and go: 'Oh my God, I've got to watch one more.' I'd watch the whole tape and champ at the bit for the next one.
Ted Sarandos
We try to guide with a light touch. Sometimes we can be helpful, and my goal with my team, both on the series side and on the film side, is that the collaboration should always be invited. In other words, we're not looking to impose our view on the filmmaker; we hire a storyteller because we love the story, and we love their ability to tell it.
Ted Sarandos
'Orange Is the New Black' and 'Sense8' have enjoyed great success all over the world.
Ted Sarandos
David Fincher's work has all been incredibly well-received on Netflix, and Kevin Spacey's films have all worked on Netflix.
Ted Sarandos
It's a massive consumer frustration around the world about how long they have to wait after the U.S. to see television shows and movies. In the U.S., there's the frustration of having to wait a year to watch a movie in the format that you choose.
Ted Sarandos
I think when you see 'Ridiculous Six,' the show speaks for itself in terms of its treatment of American Indians.
Ted Sarandos
If you want to go out and see a movie and sit in a dark room with strangers, it's not an experience you can replicate at home.
Ted Sarandos
When we started looking at the bigger television ecosystem, you see that there's not that many serialized TV shows being made for TV. The economics are lousy: They don't sell into syndication well; they're expensive to produce.
Ted Sarandos
Our feature film, 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Two,' has a built-in fan base from the original film.
Ted Sarandos
The star of 'Narcos' and the director and creator of 'Narcos' are both Brazilian superstars. So Brazil has received 'Narcos' particularly well as it's been well-received around the world.
Ted Sarandos
I think being a partner with the studios and networks and, more importantly, being a great source for consumers to watch that programming is always going to be a part of our programming mix.
Ted Sarandos
Our value proposition to consumers is so much more about completeness than freshness. Having the complete season is so much more valuable, in our business model, than having last night's episode.
Ted Sarandos
We're one of the largest employers in Canada for animation executives, and there is - I think something on the magnitude of $140 million a year be important to the Canadian economy producing animation for Netflix.
Ted Sarandos
The tax incentives in place for 'House of Cards' in Maryland have resulted in hundreds and hundreds of jobs and not just for actors, but for carpenters and waitresses and hotel workers. The amount of hotel nights and meals that the production of a television series brings to a state is staggering.
Ted Sarandos
In the first week of release, 'Beasts Of No Nation' was the most watched movie on Netflix, in every country we operate in.
Ted Sarandos
The longer people watch Netflix and the longer they stay members - they're the criteria of success for us.
Ted Sarandos
I love, personally, the experience of going to the theater, going to the cinema.
Ted Sarandos
Being able to compete for consumers' attention and dollars over the preciousness of access is a thing of the past. Everyone is using the Internet to globally market a product.
Ted Sarandos
Movies are becoming more global, which is making them less intimate. If you make a movie for the world, you don't make it for any country.
Ted Sarandos
When we set out our original program from the beginning, obviously our markets were pretty limited, and we were thinking about them mostly as U.S. shows, and they would travel like other U.S. shows have.
Ted Sarandos

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