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Ted Turner
Turner in 2007
Born Robert Edward Turner III
(1938-11-19) November 19, 1938 (age 78)
Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.
Education The McCallie School
Alma mater Brown University (A.B.)
Occupation Media tycoon
Known for
Founder of TBS and CNN Co-founder of the Nuclear Threat Initiative Former Atlanta Braves owner WCW Ted's Montana Grill Founder of TV-6 (Russia)
Home town Atlanta, Georgia
Net worth US$2.2 billion (June 2015)[1]
Julia Gale Nye (1960–1964) Jane Shirley Smith (1965–1988) Jane Fonda (1991–2001)
Children 5
Website Official website

If you can get yourself where you're not afraid of dying, then you can move forward a lot faster.
Ted Turner
If the Russian nuclear arsenal was fired at the United States and other targets, and we fired back at them with thousands of nuclear weapons, it would be the end of life on earth.
Ted Turner
The worst thing you can do if you want to start a fight is to use derogatory terminology.
Ted Turner
I'm a very good thinker, but I sometimes grab the wrong word. I say something I didn't think through adequately. I mean, I don't type my speeches, then sit up there and read them off the teleprompter, you know. I wing it.
Ted Turner
I made a lot of money. I earned a lot of money with CNN and satellite and cable television. And you can't really spend large sums of money, intelligently, on buying things. So I thought the best thing I could do was put some of that money back to work - making an investment in the future of humanity.
Ted Turner
Men should be disqualified for public office. Women should run the planet. They're better than us.
Ted Turner
Every few seconds it changes - up an eighth, down an eighth - it's like playing a slot machine. I lose $20 million, I gain $20 million.
Ted Turner
The Iranians don't intimidate! They're like the Vietnamese and the Iraqis. You want to start a war with them? They'll still be fighting in fifty years!
Ted Turner
I think we've already voted at the U.N., in the Security Council, to get rid of nuclear weapons. Let's get rid of them. Let's get rid of ours and then Iran will stop, I believe. And so everybody else will, because if everybody doesn't have them, then we're safe, at least safe from a nuclear attack.
Ted Turner
I've never run into a guy who could win at the top level in anything today and didn't have the right attitude, didn't give it everything he had, at least while he was doing it; wasn't prepared and didn't have the whole program worked out.
Ted Turner
I mean, there's no point in sittin' around and cryin' about spilt milk. Gotta move on.
Ted Turner
I had more energy at 50. On the other hand, at 75, I've probably got a little more wisdom and good judgment than I had at 50 because I've got more experience. But I haven't really changed. I'm still driven by the same philosophy.
Ted Turner
I'm 68 and a half years old; I grew up with newspapers; I love newspapers; I love the news business. I started CNN; I'm a journalist and proud of it.
Ted Turner
I believe in pulling together to make the country better right rather than pulling, tearing it apart for partisan reasons. I think the country comes first.
Ted Turner
It was a struggle financing CNN, but I did it without ever asking the government for a nickel.
Ted Turner
I think Captain Cousteau might be the father of the environmental movement.
Ted Turner
If the perpetrators of the World Trade Center plane crashes had a nuclear weapon, there's no doubt in my mind but that they would've detonated it in New York.
Ted Turner
I'd like to say that right now, in the last few years, the Democrats have been closer - have been more pro-environment. The coal industry is pretty well entrenched in the Republican Party and that's one of the things that we need to phase out.
Ted Turner
Even when I started in 1970, I knew that television was having a negative effect on our society.
Ted Turner

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