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Teri Garr
Signed photo of Garr in the 1970s
Born Terry Ann Garr
(1947-12-11) December 11, 1947 (age 69)
(year of birth disputed; other years cited include 1944, 1945 and 1949)[1][2][3]
Lakewood, Ohio, U.S.
Occupation Actress, dancer, singer, comedian
Years active 1963–2007 (hiatus)
Spouse(s) John O'Neil (1993–1996)
Partner(s) Roger Birnbaum (1979–1983)
David Kipper (1983–1990)

I danced in a company of 'West Side Story' when I was very young. It was most of the original cast - Larry Kert, Chita Rivera - and Jerry Robbins directed. It was tough, a wonderful initiation for me.
Teri Garr
I have heard all kinds of stories about telling employers about MS and I really don't know what the answer is. I am a private person, but I have found support by talking to fellow MSrs in the community.
Teri Garr
I've always had this American-pie face that would get work in commercials... I'd say things like, 'Hi, Marge, how's your laundry?' and 'Hi, I'm a real nice Georgia peach.' Sometimes this work is one step above being a cocktail waitress.
Teri Garr
My doctor said, for want of a better word, now that we've got medicines out here that can help, let's put you on one of them and say we're treating MS.
Teri Garr
I think there are a lot of myths about MS, and it may have affected my career.
Teri Garr
I recently saw the movie about Ray Charles, and there's a scene where he falls down and the mother doesn't help him. She says, I don't want anyone to treat you like a cripple. I've fallen down before, and Molly will say, get up and just go.
Teri Garr
There were symptoms that I saw, and though I went to many doctors and had many tests, no one diagnosed MS.
Teri Garr
Usually, the extras have a different mentality. I had the mentality of an artist, because I was a 'ballet-rina.' But most extras are out to make a fast buck for nothing. They're 'atmosphere.'
Teri Garr
I go to my physical therapist to keep fighting it and one of them told me if you don't use it, you lose it, but I know we're on television so I won't say what I would often say.
Teri Garr
Going to dancing school, or being in a play, is a very familial feeling. You're around friends.
Teri Garr
I think eventually they're going to find out that MS is like 10 different things. I have a neurological disease something like MS, and it's MS, so let's take medicine for it.
Teri Garr
Oddly enough, MS has made my life so much better than it was before. I now appreciate what I have and I am not running around like a rat in a maze.
Teri Garr
Being sensitive to the problem of women is just another symptom of the quality of movies: I don't think you can do anything that's very sensitive. Everything's sort of broad strokes and big gestures - adventure things that boys, guys want to see.
Teri Garr
In addition to having a good partnership with a good doctor, you have to do some of the work yourself. Go online, read about it, and find out what you can tolerate.
Teri Garr
I'm wondering if they haven't reported all the people with MS, because if all of the cases were reported, the government would have to step in and give more financial aid to us.
Teri Garr
I have been off the motorcycles for about 20 years now, but that doesn't mean I can't still do it.
Teri Garr

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