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Sir Terry Wogan
Wogan at the Investiture for his KBE at Buckingham Palace in December 2005
Born Michael Terence Wogan
(1938-08-03)3 August 1938
Limerick City, Ireland
Died 31 January 2016(2016-01-31) (aged 77)
Taplow, Buckinghamshire, England
Cause of death Cancer
Nationality Irish
Citizenship Ireland and United Kingdom
Years active 1956–2016
Employer BBC
Known for Television presenting:
Eurovision Song Contest
(1971–2008) Blankety Blank (1979–1983) Children in Need (1980–2014) Wogan (1982–1992) Wogan's Perfect Recall
Radio presenting:
The Terry Wogan Show (1972-1984) Wake Up to Wogan (1993–2009) Weekend Wogan (2010–2015)
Spouse(s) Helen Joyce (1965-2016; his death)
Children 4
Website terrywogan.com

Just as the England football manager starts with bells and flags and balloons and ends up reviled, so do prime ministers. Tony Blair - is there anyone more despised now? Gordon Brown - all right, nobody voted for him but, you know... just think of any of them. Margaret Thatcher. John Major. Steve McLaren. Fabio Capello.
Terry Wogan
The BBC is the greatest broadcaster in the world. It's the standard that everyone measures themselves against. If we lose the BBC, it won't be quite as bad as losing the royal family, but an integral part of this country will have gone. But then, I'm an old guy.
Terry Wogan
I've always had an unsentimental view. I don't think the BBC is my auntie. I worked there for years, and you learn that they don't love you for yourself. They'll use you as long as you're popular. You shouldn't wait until it starts to wane. It can sometimes end badly.
Terry Wogan
I was brought up to do my duty. Not to be vain, not to shout from the rooftops about my virtues - to be modest and well-behaved. I'm totally wrong for show business.
Terry Wogan
I have a happy temperament: a bit like 'Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.'
Terry Wogan
I'd walked away from 'Come Dancing' and gave 'Blankety Blank' the elbow when I felt the public had had enough. But I didn't follow my instinct to escape from 'Wogan,' and was persuaded to continue for another two years. I kind of regret that.
Terry Wogan
I've no patience for people who say they never watch television. It's a great way to keep in touch with popular culture, and it's important that children can relate to what their schoolmates are watching.
Terry Wogan
I will never do 'I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!' There are certain things you'll do that you have some control over, but you should do things that leave your fate in the hands of others, too.
Terry Wogan
I don't think there's a public in the world who respond like the British to a call for charity.
Terry Wogan
I'd have liked to have been a bit more intellectual. I'd have liked to have had more brains.
Terry Wogan
BBC TV gets hold of an idea and beats it to death until we're all heartily sick of it. They buy people without thinking what they're going to do with them. It's the wrong way around. What they should be doing is employing really good ideas people to come up with good ideas.
Terry Wogan
I get a lot of letters from people saying, 'How do I get into radio, how do I get into telly?' and I wish there was an answer, because there's no ladder. There are no parameters. You've just got to go in wherever you can, make the tea, and slowly make your way up the ladder.
Terry Wogan
I have to say, without getting up on a soapbox, I find these reality shows absolutely disgusting.
Terry Wogan
I've always been the kind of person who leaves parties early to catch the last bus home.
Terry Wogan
I spent my entire Irish Catholic youth in a constant state of guilt over imaginary sins. I learned that nothing is a sin as long as you don't take pleasure from it.
Terry Wogan
Nobody really knows what they look like. The mirror shows you only what you want to see.
Terry Wogan
All reality TV shows are a triumph of voyeurism. They choose contestants who are ill-suited and slightly freakish.
Terry Wogan
I say to my children, the reason that marriage - and having children - is so important is that it stops you thinking about yourself. The way to happiness is to give yourself to others and to think of others before you think of yourself.
Terry Wogan
People are not impressed by watching interviewees cry. People recognize chat shows with personalities as the trivial things that they are. They're not designed to be deep. Quite frankly, people in show business don't stand up to in-depth scrutiny.
Terry Wogan
I have great fun with the Togs - Terry's Old Geezers and Gals. They're a group that formed around me over the years of my radio shows. They are loyal to me and I'm loyal to them, so I've been to their conventions - Leicester University gives us their campus.
Terry Wogan
You have to be aware of your own shortcomings. The main thing I try not to do is lose my temper. Doing live interviews on television, you learn not to say the first thing that comes into your head.
Terry Wogan
A talk show is about having a look at a famous face, a bit of stand-up comedy, knockabout stuff - an interview is what Barbara Walters or Connie Chung does in the States, in-depth, done properly.
Terry Wogan

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