Quotes by: William H. Macy

William H. Macy
Macy at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival
Born William Hall Macy, Jr.
(1950-03-13) March 13, 1950 (age 66)
Miami, Florida, U.S.[1][2]
Residence Los Angeles, California
Other names W.H. Macy
Education Allegany High School
Alma mater Goddard College
Occupation Actor, theater director, writer, teacher
Years active 1978–present
Spouse(s) Felicity Huffman (m. 1997)
Children 2

We thought sex was free. Sex is not free. There's a price to be paid emotionally, physically, even legally. Sex isn't a casual thing. It's a huge thing.
William H. Macy
Stephen King writes a lot of things that are really charming and quirky, and that are more ironic than horror.
William H. Macy
Ninety percent of the preparation we do as actors is just jive. It doesn't do anything.
William H. Macy
I think I've been in situations where they looked at me and just see some rich white guy - they don't see me at all.
William H. Macy
I got an agent. He said, what do you wanna do, and I said, I want an Oscar nomination. That's your job, that's what I'm paying you for. And I got it.
William H. Macy
I'm not against watching myself, but I miss a lot of it. I've got two little kids who we don't let watch TV.
William H. Macy
I think theater is powerful. The best experiences I had in the theater are more powerful than the best experiences I had in movies.
William H. Macy
Everyone hooks up with George Clooney. He's a genuinely cool guy. He's using his powers for good.
William H. Macy
When Fargo came out, I hired a publicist for the first time in my life. I thought, if ever I was going to make it, that was then.
William H. Macy
Oh yeah, that's the Holy Grail, Pirates of the Caribbean. Johnny Depp, he's the real deal, isn't he? He doesn't get the girl, and he doesn't care.
William H. Macy
The only people who do plays in LA are people who can't get jobs in TV shows.
William H. Macy
There are some older women out there who are just knockouts, real beauties, and they're not getting the roles they should.
William H. Macy
I'm really proud of the writing on Door to Door, and I think that's the Emmy that meant the most - the writing.
William H. Macy
When I was in New York, I was making a living. We had a summer house and a car that I could put in a garage. That's something for a stage actor.
William H. Macy
I have a tendency to say yes to a script or no to a script. Not yes based on a rewrite.
William H. Macy
If I like the story and it's well written, and it's a character I want to play and they'll pay me, then I decide to do it.
William H. Macy

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