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Yael Naïm
Yael Naïm in 2008
Background information
Birth name Yael Naïm
Born (1978-02-06) 6 February 1978 (age 38)
Paris, France
Origin Ramat HaSharon, Israel
Genres Indie folk
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter
Instruments Piano, guitar, ukulele
Years active 2000–present
Labels Warner Music France
Tôt ou tard
Atlantic Records
Website Yaelweb.com

My first album was full of ideas and attempts to go in all kinds of directions. I was young. I loved making music, but I didn't have a clear path. I also lacked in confidence.
Yael Naim
I thought I was an old soul, and that I knew life, but then starting the real life, I figured I am completely new.
Yael Naim
When I'd go to Israel, I felt like a tourist. My social and professional ties had started to dissolve, and it confused me. I didn't know whether I should stay here in Paris or go back to Israel, or even cut off all my ties with Israel so I could really plant roots here. Or maybe go somewhere else altogether.
Yael Naim
When I write in Hebrew, I don't look for sophistication in music; it's just pure emotion that comes out.
Yael Naim
I had arrived years ago in Paris and just wanted to be famous, fast. When you're pretentious like that, and you think you've planned everything perfectly, it's then that everything goes in the opposite way.
Yael Naim
Being from Israel and a Jew is complex already, but with France, there is a freedom and a mix of culture. I have met musicians from all over the world.
Yael Naim
I like finding that common point between another song and my music. It's like between people; you can be of religion or another, from this country or from another country, but we're all basically the same. It's just the same with songs.
Yael Naim
My big influences are Joni Mitchell, and a lot of classical and Indian music, as well as Nina Simone and the personal blues and jazz of Billie Holiday. Other influences for me include Bjork, Nick Drake, and Sufjan Stevens.
Yael Naim
In France, I found there is a lot of attention to the little details and to the quality of life.
Yael Naim
Hebrew is my first language, so it's really the most personal and the most simple. When I write in Hebrew, I don't look for sophistication in music; it's just pure emotion that comes out.
Yael Naim
English is really free for me; there's no limits to the music and the imagination. And French, it's just I live in Paris, and it's really a poetic language where you can really play with words.
Yael Naim
As always, I wrote songs. Some people cook or play sports. This is what I love to do. Sometimes I can't express myself that well in talk, so I write songs.
Yael Naim
Usually when a song comes to me, I don't ask a lot of questions; I hear something, and I just let it out in song. It's like making a salad. Everything I hear, and everything I am, I mix together in a different way in each song.
Yael Naim
Songs are a way to express what I have felt. A way to understand what happened to me or to other people.
Yael Naim
I don't hide my being Israeli. I say it in every interview. I put out a record with songs in Hebrew. The people who signed me have no connection to Judaism or Israel.
Yael Naim
I like to sing covers of songs that are at the extreme ends from what I usually listen to.
Yael Naim

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