Quotes by: Yair Lapid

Yair Lapid
Date of birth (1963-11-05) 5 November 1963 (age 53)
Place of birth Tel Aviv, Israel
Knessets 19, 20
Faction represented in Knesset
2013– Yesh Atid
Ministerial roles
2013–2014 Minister of Finance

I feel we're at risk that a whole generation of young Israelis, who went to the army, work hard, pay taxes, one day will look around and say, 'Hey, this country is going nowhere.'
Yair Lapid
The Golan Heights is an area in the north of the State of Israel that has no part in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Yair Lapid
Netanyahu needs to stand before the Israeli public and say, 'I failed.'
Yair Lapid
I want to do everything in my power to ensure the equality between all movements of Judaism in the state of Israel: Orthodox, Conservative, or Reform. In conversions, in budgets, in the eyes of the law. No one can claim ownership over the Jewish God.
Yair Lapid
Arab society features apartheid of women, apartheid of homosexuals, and apartheid of Christians, Jews, and democracy.
Yair Lapid
Hebrew is the language I use to thank the Creator and, also, to swear on the road.
Yair Lapid
I don't reject caution, but you also have to be careful about caution because there's a stage when it turns into paralysis.
Yair Lapid
If, for 2,000 years, you dress up differently, believe in a different God, celebrate different holidays, and on top of it insist on telling everyone that you're completely different than them, ultimately they'll believe you.
Yair Lapid
The Internet, Facebook, synagogue pamphlets, and the plethora of TV channels and cellular networks in our lives increasingly blur the boundary between the public and private sphere.
Yair Lapid
Intellectuals know how to answer the question, 'What God do I believe in?' not only through the question of 'What God do I abhor?' Intellectuals can also answer the question of 'What flag do I wave?' without having to answer the question of 'What flag do I burn.'
Yair Lapid
In politics, there is only one crime that is unforgivable - showing weakness.
Yair Lapid
Israel was founded as a refuge for the Jewish people, but today it isn't a safe place. It is safer to be Jew in New York.
Yair Lapid
People like to invent enemies. It spares us the need to address complex worldviews.
Yair Lapid
The Tower of David is important for Israel's heritage and existence because it is more than a tower, it is a symbol. It is more important than the Azrieli Towers.
Yair Lapid
Corruption is when a politician uses public funds to deliver pistachio ice cream to his home and transfer garden furniture to his Caesarea villa, then requesting that the expenses be covered for the water in his pool and fights to get a private jet.
Yair Lapid
If someone doubts our right to exist - be it on the hills of Umm al-Fahem or in Munich's beer halls, in Gaza's crowded streets or in the thick woods of Babi Yar - it's their problem. Proud states do not break into wails and crawl under the carpet when they discover someone doesn't love them.
Yair Lapid
The Left doesn't understand the importance of God in the Israeli public discourse, and Yesh Atid does.
Yair Lapid
The settlers do not have a problem with the leftists but, rather, with Israelis who like settlers: Israelis who are unconcerned by the fact that national-religious youngsters are overtaking our elite units. Such Israelis actually appreciate the settlers for that.
Yair Lapid

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