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Zac Brown Band
Zac Brown Band at Walmart Soundcheck L-R: Coy Bowles, Clay Cook, Daniel de los Reyes, Zac Brown, Jimmy De Martini, John Driskell Hopkins, Chris Fryar
Background information
Origin Dahlonega, Georgia, United States
Country Southern rock country rock folk rock jam band pop country
Years active 2002–present
Bigger Picture Southern Ground Atlantic RPM Big Machine Republic
Associated acts
Dave Grohl Blackberry Smoke The Wood Brothers Jimmy Buffett Alan Jackson Sturgill Simpson Kacey Musgraves Chris Cornell Levi Lowrey Avicii
Website zacbrownband.com
Members Zac Brown Coy Bowles Clay Cook Daniel de los Reyes Matt Mangano Jimmy De Martini Chris Fryar John Driskell Hopkins

Visually, a lot of the electronic artists have really interesting video and interesting things like that.
Zac Brown
Other people pull off amazing festivals and events and things like that. I think ours is a little bit different, and that's what makes us distinct.
Zac Brown
'A Pirate Looks at 40,' we had to do that song. I've been covering that forever.
Zac Brown
I have an outdoor kitchen at home in Georgia, and I try to never eat inside.
Zac Brown
Sir Rosevelt is a little more of a persona, and we dress up, three-piece Tom Ford suits, and it's a little more refined, visually.
Zac Brown
I don't ever want to stop making country, and I don't want to stop making electronic music, either.
Zac Brown
It does make me sad that there's a lot of great songs out there, and they're not going to see the light of day because they're competing with these tailgate songs.
Zac Brown
Maybe some people that only listen to electronic music will pick up my record and get turned on to some of the story songs, some of the more country-type stuff.
Zac Brown
I never get used to going out and seeing 20, 30,000 people that are there to see us play. It's kind of surreal.
Zac Brown
I remember the first time I heard 'The Thunder Rolls.' It was dark, and we were driving to the beach. There was the thunder outside and the thunder in the song. It was eerie.
Zac Brown
My brother's 21 years older than me, so I grew up doing more adult things. Like listening to old music.
Zac Brown
I've been making some more electronic music, which I really enjoy doing.
Zac Brown
Country fans and country listeners deserve to have something better... a song that really has something to say, something that makes you feel something.
Zac Brown
Thanks so much to all the fans. To all our team, to all our wives, especially, that believe in us and that we come home to, and everybody here that's given us a shot.
Zac Brown
Some people are gonna hate anything; they're gonna hate when anybody tries to go or do anything, and that's usually the people who don't ever create anything themselves.
Zac Brown
I don't want to look back and say, 'Yeah, I was really successful, but I failed at fatherhood because I wasn't there.'
Zac Brown
When I get drafty cold air in my ears, I would get an earache and get sick. I had to make sure I hustled and stayed well for my shows that I played.
Zac Brown
I don't like cooking just for myself; I enjoy feeding other people, particularly outdoors.
Zac Brown
To get to record and to do things with the legends, and with the people that are your musical heroes, that's the biggest honor as an artist.
Zac Brown

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