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Zaha Hadid
Hadid in 2010
Born Zaha Mohammad Hadid
(1950-10-31)31 October 1950
Baghdad, Iraq
Died 31 March 2016(2016-03-31) (aged 65)
Miami, Florida, US
Nationality Iraqi-British
Alma mater American University of Beirut
Architectural Association School of Architecture
Occupation Architect
Website www.zaha-hadid.com
Practice Zaha Hadid Architects
Buildings MAXXI, Bridge Pavilion, Maggie's Centre, Contemporary Arts Center

People don't talk to you properly. It's the way they talk to you; they dismiss you. I think it's a combination of me being a woman and a foreigner.
Zaha Hadid
Obviously for some people there is a big connection between music and the way you can create a space.
Zaha Hadid
I'm into fashion because it contains the mood of the day, of the moment - like music, literature, and art.
Zaha Hadid
I have been interested in fashion since I was a kid. Then I lived in London, where it was more about costume and a personal statement of who you are than about fashion.
Zaha Hadid
Of course I believe imaginative architecture can make a difference to people's lives, but I wish it was possible to divert some of the effort we put into ambitious museums and galleries into the basic architectural building blocks of society.
Zaha Hadid
I've always thought that design can have equal importance to the idea of internal architecture. Professionally, things can be very dogmatic - you do the architecture, someone else does the interiors, someone else does the furniture, the fabric, etc. But I think design is all-encompassing.
Zaha Hadid
I don't particularly like showing furniture on pedestals, but for whatever reasons you always have to in museums.
Zaha Hadid
The spirit of adventure to embrace the new and the incredible belief in the power of invention attracted me to the Russian avant-garde.
Zaha Hadid
I made a decision when I was in school that I'd have a lot of male friends.
Zaha Hadid
If I wanted to do clothes or if I wanted to make a building or design a choreography, you are able to do that - they are all under a similar kind of design umbrella.
Zaha Hadid
People say I design architectural icons. If I design a building and it becomes an icon, that's ok.
Zaha Hadid
Half of architecture students are women, and you see respected, established female architects all the time.
Zaha Hadid
It's very important for cities all around the world to reinvent themselves, and Glasgow is a good example of that. The Scots are very nice. I don't think they are burdened by their history.
Zaha Hadid
Architecture is how the person places herself in the space. Fashion is about how you place the object on the person.
Zaha Hadid
My father was a socialist, so he would have thought that I shouldn't be a dame.
Zaha Hadid
As a woman, I'm expected to want everything to be nice and to be nice myself. A very English thing. I don't design nice buildings - I don't like them. I like architecture to have some raw, vital, earthy quality.
Zaha Hadid

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