Quotes by: Zubin Mehta

My temples are only in India. When I am in India, I go to the religious ceremonies.
Zubin Mehta
There is a school in Israel called Hand in Hand which I support. There Arab and Jewish students study together on a daily basis.
Zubin Mehta
Just imagine, the thousands and thousands of concerts that take place every single day, all over the world. And the positive effect that they would have on the people listening. Now imagine a world without this. This void... it is unthinkable.
Zubin Mehta
It's hard to find an emblem of cultural, national pride that burns as bright as Israel's success in classical music.
Zubin Mehta
In Bombay, we have a fine concert hall. I think it is high time we built venues in Delhi and Calcutta, not only for western music, but also Indian music. It doesn't matter which party is in power; don't you think the capital of India should have a concert hall?
Zubin Mehta
In truth, I became a conductor because deep down I wanted to conduct Brahms's four symphonies and Richard Strauss's tone poems.
Zubin Mehta
As soon as, say, Saddam Hussein started bombing Israel with Scuds, everyone was like, 'Poor Israel.' But when Israel retaliates - and most of the time they then win - people turn against them.
Zubin Mehta
I feel that the critic and music director should have such a good relationship they can pick up the phone and call each other any time.
Zubin Mehta
I wish that only three residents of Tel Aviv could see what conditions on the West Bank are like. Living in such proximity, most Israelis have no idea about the adversity on the West Bank.
Zubin Mehta
Let's try to count the number of Nobel prize-winners that have emerged from scientific centres of excellence like the Weizmann Institute and Haifa's technical university, the Technion. There has to be at least 25.
Zubin Mehta
If North American musicians would only know how uncomfortable life is for European musicians.
Zubin Mehta
Some musical directors have more chutzpah. They pick up the phone and talk people into giving. I prefer to call and say 'thank you' after the money has been contributed.
Zubin Mehta
There are three orchestras in Munich, all world-quality, in a city of one million. Yet every hall is full.
Zubin Mehta
I respect the Indian government for the fact that there are no settlements in Kashmir.
Zubin Mehta
I miss the standard of the New York Philharmonic's playing very much. It has certainly been a high point in my life.
Zubin Mehta
An American orchestra doesn't want to play more than it has to. I respectfully disagree with that attitude.
Zubin Mehta
Open rehearsals reach people who might not otherwise hear the Philharmonic - people on fixed incomes, people who can't move easily at night, students.
Zubin Mehta

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