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You are created to be a creator. God does not give anyone a finished product. God did not create the telephone, car, computers, Facebook, amazon, ebay, God did not make a chair, He created a tree for you to produce the chair. He gave you the raw materials to look at and ask yourself what can I do with this?
Are you a producer or a consumer? .....ponder
Patience Johnson
There is nothing good in the devil and there is nothing bad in God and with God all things are possible . And all things are possible to those that believe.
Patience Johnson
Christians believe in a big God but do small things and this is a big insult to God.
Patience Johnson
Any day God removes His hand from you, you are finished. Your hope and trust is only in Him. Your confidence, your strength, your power and your life is in God. There is no better life without Him. Look around the world and you will understand me.
Patience Johnson
I have lived long enough to know that wherever there is crisis there is always Christ. Look for Jesus in the middle of all your crisis. Whenever He comes the whole storm goes down.
Patience Johnson
We knew that it would soon be over, and so we put it all into a poem, to tell the universe who we were, and why we were here, and what we said and did and thought and dreamed and yearned for. We wrapped our dreams into words and patterned the words so that they would live forever, unforgettable.
Neil Gaiman
I became the fractured shell of a mustard seed to dwell for an eye-blink amid a starburst galaxy of broken dreams.
David B. Lentz
Grab every chance given and do not throw it away; always cherish what you already have, for you never know when you will receive something of its likeness again; and if you lose what was most precious to you, never stop fighting for it until you have it once again in your possession.
Imania Margria
Our past is what molds us into the person we are today. It does not define us.
Imania Margria
My strength is my pride. My pride is my heart. And my heart will always be mine and mine alone.
Imania Margria
Leave mystery in your life. Give them a little and keep them wondering. If you reveal everything about yourself, people will lose interest. For as humans, we are curious creatures. We are more interested in the things lurking in the shadows than the things that are brought into the light.
Imania Margria
Dreams are like puzzles. When all the pieces are missing, it is up to us to find them and decide where and how they fit in.
Imania Margria
Brilliance some are born with it, but others create it over time. It lightens the foulest of hearts and pierces the darkest of nights to lead us on the right path of our future destinies.
Imania Margria
Let your innocence show as brilliant as your dreams because only then can you discover the true beauty of love.
Imania Margria
Sometimes you just have to find the majesty in yourself and other things to truly appreciate life.
Imania Margria
All humans are carrying invisible torchlights directing us to our destinies called our beliefs.
Sometimes we need to just brush away our pride, break down the walls around our hearts, and open up to those we truly care for.
Imania Margria
When dreams become more important than reality, you give up travel, building, creating; you even forget how to repair the machines left behind by your ancestors. You just sit living and reliving other lives left behind in the thought records.
-- Vina, "The Menagerie" ("The Cage"), Star Trek, 1966
Gene Roddenberry
You write poems with your fingertips
And I keep listening to the songs written on my skin
By some distant dream, similar words
But the verses never meet...
Sanhita Baruah
A mystic is one who has dropped all dreams, who has thrown away this mirror of the mind and who looks directly into life, without any medium interfering. Then he sees the eternal progression, then in a single moment he sees all eternity, and in a single atom he can see the whole reflected.
Trust your imagination, dreams, and hopes. Just never forget to take actions to justify your trust.
Debasish Mridha
As a man thinketh so is he?
The faith of a mustard seed?
I planted these words in my thoughts, and still, mind wound up lost, between my dreams and reality.
N'Zuri Za Austin

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When you blame others you give up your power to change. Take responsibility for your future!

– Chris Voss

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