Quotes on dreams

Your frienemies stand close enough for you to see them but stand back just enough not to catch you if you fall.
Troy Gathers
Remember, your goals are your goals. People may not want to go as far as you.
Troy Gathers
People who gave up on their dreams are coming for yours. Protect your dreams by moving in silence.
Troy Gathers
An opportunist is not your friend. Once the opportunity is no longer there or someone comes along that may take them further, there goes the bond.
Troy Gathers
When you are complaining and gossiping all day, I bet 100 people are willing to listen. Wait until the conversation changes to goals, plans or ideas. You will lose the interest of most.
Troy Gathers
Following the crowd only leads to you getting lost. Find yourself by following your heart.
Troy Gathers
Fear and doubt are not natural emotions. Fear and doubt are learned traits and behaviors. How did you learn them?
Troy Gathers
Find a mentor who only has your best interest at heart. Friends will sometimes give you opinions based on how they view your potential.
Troy Gathers
Be careful who you take advice from. People love when you fall for deception. Only a true friend will inspire you and stand by you in pursuing a prosperous life.
Troy Gathers
Some friends will try to do things to hurt you. Your job is not letting it get to your heart.
Troy Gathers
If your ultimate goal is making money everything that makes a dollar will look desirable.
Troy Gathers
Pursue a mentor. Everyday I see ambitious people being misguided by lost men and women.
Troy Gathers
Your story will never be told correctly if your tale is only known by the Un-Godly. Avoid the scornful and pursue the light.
Troy Gathers
It’s about the “Big Picture.” Avoid people who think day-to-day in a small way.
Troy Gathers
A mentality is a terrible thing to corrupt. Be attentive of what your mind consumes.
Troy Gathers
A person who is envious of you will still hang around you to learn and take from you. After all, they do want to be in your position.
Troy Gathers
The more vocal people become about your blessing is a testament in its self.
Troy Gathers
She liked then to wander alone into strange and unfamiliar places. She discovered many a sunny, sleepy corner, fashioned to dream in.
Kate Chopin
Build your dreams on the foundation of hard work and faith; not trust. No one can take away from your hard work and belief but you can lose it all on trust.
Troy Gathers
Imagine if you could dream about your books, read them in your dreams and learn them. You will never need to study in your life again. Just sleep.
Andreas Harpas

Quote of The Day
When you blame others you give up your power to change. Take responsibility for your future!

– Chris Voss

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