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God uses broken things. It takes broken soil to produce a crop, broken clouds to give rain, broken grain to give bread, broken bread to give strength. It is the broken alabaster box that gives forth perfume. It is Peter, weeping bitterly, who returns to greater power than ever.
Vance Havner
God has given us more than fourteen billion cells and connections in our brain. Why would God give us such a complex organ system unless he expects us to use it?
Ben Carson
You cannot control the behavior of others, but you can always choose how you respond to it.
Roy T. Bennett
Stand firm in the Lord. Stand firm and let Him fight your battle. Do not try to fight alone.
Francine Rivers
I believe that God is in me as the sun is in the colour and fragrance of a flower - the Light in my darkness, the Voice in my silence.
Helen Keller
In definitiv, cu cat vei ridica un zid mai inalt in jurul tau cu atat va fi mai bun cel care-l va sari.
Tudor Chirilă
If the only prayer you say throughout your life is "Thank You," then that will be enough.
Elie Wiesel
They say that every snowflake is different. If that were true, how could the world go on? How could we ever get up off our knees? How could we ever recover from the wonder of it?
Jeanette Winterson
Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.
Christian D. Larson
We are the cosmos made conscious and life is the means by which the universe understands itself.
Brian Cox
Life might take you down different roads. But each of you gets to decide which one to take.
Gayle Forman
A photographer is like a cod, which produces a million eggs in order that one may reach maturity.
George Bernard Shaw
Is there any real purpose in being alive if all we are going to do is get up every day and live only for ourselves?
Live your life to help others. Give & live selflessly.
Joyce Meyer
Every person has a right to risk their own life for the preservation of it.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
A young outcast will often feel that there is something wrong with himself, but as he gets older, grows more confident in who he is, he will adapt, he will begin to feel that there is something wrong with everyone else.
Criss Jami
قد أسعى لمحو أحزاني، و لكني لن اجرؤ على استبدالها بحزنِ مجهول، لن أقامر على طاولة الحياة،وحشة هذا الحزن المجهول أشد علىّ من من حزن قديم أليف.
محمد حسن علوان
Count your blessings. Once you realize how valuable you are and how much you have going for you, the smiles will return, the sun will break out, the music will play, and you will finally be able to move forward the life that God intended for you with grace, strength, courage, and confidence.
Og Mandino

Quote of The Day
When you blame others you give up your power to change. Take responsibility for your future!

– Chris Voss

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