Quotes on philosophy

We follow the ways of wolves, the habits of tigers: or, rather we are worse than they. To them nature has assigned that they should be thus fed, while God has honoured us with rational speech and a sense of equity. And yet we are become worse than the wild beast.
John Chrysostom
Philosophy, from the earliest times, has made greater claims, and achieved fewer results, than any other branch of learning.
Bertrand Russell
In societies where modern conditions of production prevail, all of life presents itself as an immense accumulation of spectacles. Everything that was directly lived has moved away into a representation.
Guy Debord
TO the States or any one of them, or any city of the States, Resist much, obey little,
Once unquestioning obedience, once fully enslaved,
Once fully enslaved, no nation, state, city of this earth, ever after-ward resumes its liberty.
Walt Whitman
A nation is a detour of nature to arrive at five or six great men- yes, and then to get around them.
Friedrich Nietzsche
Possibility, infinity, beauty -- none of those words were right. [...] What he really wanted to say was: have you felt this? this phantom life streaking like a phosphorescent hound at the edges of your ruin?
Haven Kimmel
The most dangerous irony is, people are angry with others because of their own incompetence.
Amit Kalantri
The truth is, going against the internal stream of ignorance is way more rebellious than trying to start some sort of cultural revolution.
Noah Levine
You may lie with your mouth, but with the mouth you make as you do so you none the less tell the truth.
Friedrich Nietzsche
On marriage: You sort of stumble along and reconnect and lose each other and reconnect again.
Felicity Huffman
Before this moment, I have never whished to be something other than what I am.
Never felt so keenly the lack of hands with which to touch, the lack of arms whith which to hold.
Why did they give me this sense of self? Why allow me the intellect by which to measure this complete inadequacy? I would rather be numb than stand here in the light of a sun that can never chase the chill away
Amie Kaufman
A bridge of silver wings stretches from the dead ashes of an unforgiving nightmare
to the jeweled vision of a life started anew.
Thought is so cunning, so clever, that it distorts everything for its own convenience.
Jiddu Krishnamurti
Some want to live within the sound
Of church or chapel bell;
I want to run a rescue shop,
Within a yard of hell.
C.T. Studd
Never forget that there are only two philosophies to rule your life: the one of the cross, which starts with the fast and ends with the feast. The other of Satan, which starts with the feast and ends with the headache.
Fulton J. Sheen
when a language dies, a way of understanding the world dies with it, a way of looking at the world.
George Steiner
Some day people will ask me what is the key to my success...and I will simply say, "good Karma.
K. Crumley
A modern philosopher who has never once suspected himself of being a charlatan must be such a shallow mind that his work is probably not worth reading.
Leszek Kołakowski
هناك شرف أبعد من شرف الجسد...هناك شرف أكبر من الشرف ...و صيانه اللسان من قول الجهل ...مفتاح فى طريق الشرف الانبل
إبراهيم الكوني
Then the lover, who is true and no counterfeit, must of necessity be loved by his love.

Quote of The Day
When you blame others you give up your power to change. Take responsibility for your future!

– Chris Voss

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